HELLO FOX I am always here to help you out this time I bring out the best golf clubs for beginners in 2021.

Best Golf Clubs for beginners 2021 is this a question that makes a lot of confusion, now if you are new to golf and looking forward to getting out for your first ever golf game but don’t know what actual clubs you’ll need then don’t worry our team come up with the best 6 golf clubs that you actually help you on any golf course of U.S.A

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TOP 6 Best Golf Clubs for beginners 2021





Callaway Men's Big Bertha Driver

TaylorMade M4 Hybrid Rescue Club

Callaway Men's XR Fairway Wood

 Callaway Golf Men's Rogue Individual Iron

Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge

Pinemeadow Golf Men's PGX Putter

1. Callaway Men’s Big Bertha Driver

Best Golf Clubs for beginners
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The new Big Bertha Driver is so revolutionary, it deserves to carry one of the most legendary names in golf. It’s faster, more robust, and features our new Adjustable Perimeter Weighting for maximum distance via total driver performance. Don’t just take our word for it. Go hit your first shots.

Hyper Speed Face: This Hyper Speed face designs very lighter (10% lighter), hotter (of course), and more robust than ever before, increasing ball speeds on shots hit across the face. Not that you would ever hit one anywhere but dead center.

Adjustable Perimeter Weighting: This Adjustable Perimeter Weighting slide toward the rear of the club which leads to significantly higher MOI and forgiveness, while offering a wider range of draw and fade bias options. All that amounts to longer, straighter shots. And those are good things.

Forged Composite: High Strength, Lightweight crown saves 20g of weight, allowing Big Bertha to have Adjustable Perimeter Weighting, a deeper CG for higher MOI, and low spin with a lighter, more preferred swing weight. The more adjustability you add to a driver, the more imperative it is to have a forged composite construction.

2. TaylorMade M4 Hybrid Rescue Club

Best Golf Clubs for beginners
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The M4 rescue has a great look in an easy to launch, easy to play golf club. The shape of the clubhead and two-tone crown cosmetics aid in proper alignment and inspire confidence down by the ball.

The signature Speed Pocket is longer to increase flexibility and distance across the face. Two internal mass pads are split between the heel and toe of the clubhead to increase MOI and ball speed. The M4 rescue is great for all golfers.

Key Features

  • Two internally split mass pads that increase inertia to deliver more ball speed across the face.
  • Improved speed pocket
  • Low face strikes will be rewarded with the improved speed pocket by preserving ball speeds 
  • Hand Orientation: RightShaft Material: GraphiteFlex: RegularConfiguration: 4 Hybrid, 22 Degrees

3. Callaway Men’s XR Fairway Wood

Best Golf Clubs for beginners
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In the XR Fairway Wood, it started from scratch and changed everything from Face Cup to the shape to make golfers even longer than they already are. ONE of the Best Golf Clubs for beginners 2021.

It’s led by a next-generation Forged Hyper Speed Face Cup that’s up to 36% thinner, much lighter, and has a bigger sweet spot to increase ball speeds across the face for greater distance and forgiveness that’s easy to hit.

More distance, lower spine, and versatility are the highlights of adding a re-engineered Internal Standing Wave with the completely redesigned shape provides a shallower face for increased forgiveness from the fairway.

Key Features

  • adaptability for any shot
  • More Distance And Versatility For Any Shot
  • Completely Redesigned Head Shape
  • It’s not just speed, it’s forgiveness, with a 16% larger sweet spot

4.shaft of the club didnt lasted for two months

Best Golf Clubs for beginners
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The new Rogue Irons embody the Rogue philosophy to break away from established protocols to develop new ways to extract maximum performance from a golf club.

These irons feature a premium multi-material construction to combine new technologies with advancements to our industry-leading technologies that have helped us become the #1 Iron Brand in Golf. By pushing ourselves to reach unprecedented performance levels, that created the best combination of distance, accuracy, and playability ever in a Callaway iron.

Key Features

  • Rogue Performance Package
  • Urethane Microspheres for Great Feel
  • 360 Face Cup + VFT for more Ball Speed

5. Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Chrome S-Grind Wedge

Best Golf Clubs for beginners
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This is one of the proven best golf clubs for beginners 2021 Callaway Mack Daddy 3 wedges come with 3 different grinds among which the MD3 S-Grind is the most adaptable as you can play from different grounds. It is designed to provide golfers such a wedge that is flexible and stable. you will easily get various shaft and grip options.

Key Features

  • Shaft Material Steel
  • Progressive groove optimization
  • Golf Digest 2017 Hot List Gold Medal Winner
  • Maximum spin comes from the new Mack Daddy

6. Pinemeadow Golf Men’s PGX Putter

Best Golf Clubs for beginners
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Are you looking for the best putter then this is one of the best options for you. This PGX Putter is good to use from the beginning and that definitely took you to the next level. Best for accuracy and give you the best alignment lines, you will get extra features also.

Key Features

  • Includes custom PGX headcover
  •  This contrast of the white color against the green grass really helps maintain focus on the alignment lines
  • The grip it comes with is also nice [Click here] to get the best golf glove
  • I recommend giving this a try before spending hundreds on a brand name.

Frequently Asked Questions by Beginner Golfers

1. How do I clean my golf clubs?

No worries about cleaning your golf club, it can easily clean by dry cotton cloth or you can buy a cleaning set.

2. Are head covers necessary?

Headcovers are really important for the long life of your Favorit club, most of the golfs don’t come with over but sending few dollars to get one is really a good decision.

3. Should I buy used or new club set?

Now, this completely depends on your decision., if you want to take golf seriously then you should go with a new golf club, but if you just want to take it causal then buy a used club will be a good option, My opinion is to go with the new fresh club because it gives you great fell and boost your confidence. Who knows you will be the next “Tiger Woods”

4. Should I buy a golf set or one club at a time?

Of course, you should buy a complete golf set, even I also start my golf game with a new golf set only because it helps you experience with different clubs and their unique features. But if your budget is less then go with a single club which I mention above with my own experience


I hope I could able to help you with this confusing question that what are the Best Golf Clubs for beginners 2021, All these top 6 clubs are personally experienced and took a lot of houres to reacher upon, So if you planning to jump on to green grass then this would definitely help you on beginning itself. Go and start your first game and share your experience with us.


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